Versailles by rosingspark

Dovima wearing a Mme. Grès dress, 1955 (unidentified photo)

Madame Grès evening dress, 1965

Madame Gres

madame gres in white fox fur
Madame Grès

William-Adolphe Bouguereau,L’Aurore (detail) 1881.

Mark Rothko - No. 3/No. 13 (1949)
Hello I Am An Art Blog


Hey everyone, I recently started an art blog. It’s called Hello I Am An Art Blog. I’ve been told that I’m pretty funny on it, to the point that a friend did a spit take all over her laptop when she was reading one of my posts. 

Hopefully you won’t get sandwich all across your Mac like my friend did, but hopefully you will also get a kick out of my writing and laugh in your own way. 

Read it, you’ll love it.

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